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PreGameLobby says:
"The noise [was] cut down by about 75 percent! [Drumshhh] added just the right amount of feedback and dampening to make the experience even more enjoyable." Says:
"If you have Rock Band and want to reduce the noise level of the drums, Drumshhh is offering a great product with a professional level of quality."
The Xbox Collector says (video review):
"This product definitely delivers...4 out of 5" says:
"Drumshhh serves a purpose and serves it well...overall rating of 8." says:
"You'll have a much easier time hearing the game's soundtrack over your own hits with these things in place."


I love these pads...the drums are quiet and my playing is awesome because I dont have the double tap. I was worried that I would have to hit the drums harder because of the pads but you don't and it actually lets me play for longer because of the softer hit your wrists dont get as sore. Thank you so much for an awesome product they are far better than I even hoped for.
- Lisa H., 3/5/2010

"I have not had one problem, issue, or complaint with your pads! I have tried other pads with similar foam as yours, however they did not have the felt. The felt COMPLETES the product as it offers more sound reduction and makes the pads practically bullet-proof. I have tried other "official" pads for the drums that were simply the foam portion. I kid you not, after one song, the pads started to become torn, and gouged. With your pads, I have not even had so much as a snag in the felt!! They are practically flawless.

Also, I have the EL drum version, and many say that any type of pads will hinder the sensitivity of this set. Well, I can say that there is NO difference in sensitivity when using your pads!"

- Matt B., 12/6/2008

"Rock Band 2 drums seem much more accurate and easier to play with Drumshhh pads attached. They're also a little quieter (though not as much of an improvement as I got with Drumshhh pads on Rock Band 1)."
- Kyungae J., 11/15/2008

"The pads with the added foam disc have worked wonders on my Rock Band 2 drums. No longer do I get double hits due to the sensitivity of the drums but the rebound is much smoother with the pads; and adds a little more of quiet to the hits. Played a whole weekend without one dropped note or shadow notes. Excellent products and great customer service. Definitely recommended to everyone."
- Mateo V., 11/3/2008

"Your pads are awesome, thank you!!!"
- Jeremy F., 8/14/2008

"Pads were delivered in 7 days to UK. Quality impressive and service excellent. Many thanks - will deal again."
- Geoff P, 6/7/2008

"I was skeptical when I first saw them online but after a 4 hour Rock Band party, all my guests including myself were impressed at the difference the pads made. The music came through loud and clear unlike before when all we could hear was the annoying tapping of the stock pads."
- Tony G., 5/19/08

"Hi, just wanted to let you know that I have just received my drum pads and felt compelled to tell you that they are fantastic. Greatly reduced drum noise and hits on the pads feel much smoother now. Just wanted want to let you know you have a great product, easy to apply, perfect fit, and works perfect. Thanks again."
- Greg B., 5/2/08

"As someone who considers themselves equal parts musician and gamer, I just wanted to let you know how much I am loving the Drumshhh pads for Rock Band! It's like pouring awesomesauce all over your Rock Band drum heads. My neighbors don't complain anymore (even though I'm banging the everloving HELL out of [the drums]). I actually perform better in the game (especially the rolls and fills - WAY more accurate). Not to mention the fact that they just LOOK cooler. So thank you Drumshhh. Best 20-some dollars I ever spent on video game stuff (or music stuff even)!"
- Jay P., 2/14/08

"Thank you, Drumshhh! We used the Drumshhh for the first time Saturday night and it completely changed our Rock Band experience. The horrible plastic "tok" noise is gone and our drummer is now free to whale on the drum kit. Of all the real world peripherals we've bought (a drum throne, vibrationless drumsticks), Drumshhh has improved our gaming experience the most."
- Terry,, 2/4/2008

"WOW, these were quiet. The accuracy wasn't affected at all as far as I could tell (Black Hole Sun on Expert). If you have to be quiet then the Drumshhh pads work amazingly well in bringing down the decibels, and keeping the drumming accuracy."
- Chris Paladino, 1/13/08

"They're perfect and exactly as advertised. I've passed all of the info on to my Rockband friends, thanks for such a great product!"
- Russell J., 1/6/08
"Great pads, really reduce noise."
- eBay buyer 'ashpolt', 12/29/07

"Awesome drum pads! I won't get evicted now :)"
- eBay buyer 'coldasabanshee', 12/26/07

"FANTASTIC PRODUCT. Dampens and increases rebound!"
- eBay buyer '.joos.', 12/17/07

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