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If you have questions about a specific order, the best way to contact us is through eBay (that way there is a record of your question and our response, should you or we need it to settle a dispute). If that is not possible, feel free to send us an e-mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Drumshhh™ pads compatible with Rock Band 2/3/Beatles/Green Day?
Yes! Drumshhh pads fit all original Rock Band drum kits through Rock Band 3 at least. They add a little bit of additional noise reduction (over the already-quieter-than-Rock-Band-1 drum heads) and as always they provide great protection for the drum heads. One of our testers even said that Drumshhh pads helped bring his over-sensitive Rock Band 2 drums under control, reducing double-hits when playing.

Are Drumshhh™ pads compatible with [some non-Rock Band game]?
We don't know! Drumshhh pads are designed for and tested with Rock Band original drum kits. They may or may not be compatible with other games' drum kits or with 3rd-party drum kits. The large pads are approximately 7" in diameter; the small pads are about 3/8" smaller. Drumshhh Accessories does not guarantee Drumshhh pads when used with any drum kit other than original Rock Band drums.

What are Drumshhh™ pads?
Drumshhh pads are pre-cut, self-adhesive, foam-backed felt pads that attach to the face of Rock Band drum heads to reduce the drumstick noise and also to protect the drum head.

Do they work?
Absolutely! We tested them (on a Rock Band 1 drum kit) with an actual sound level meter (Radio Shack Cat. #33-2050 for those interested). From a distance of six inches, a medium-strength drum hit on an unmodified drum registered 70-72 decibels. A drum head with a Drumshhh pad attached registered only 64-66 decibels. A difference of 6-8 decibels may not sound like much, but it is actually a noise reduction of 50% (decibels are logarithmic blah blah us, it's about half as loud with Drumshhh).

Do they reduce drum head sensitivity?
No! We have played through several jam sessions and have never noticed any loss of sensitivity or any impact to playability. Don't believe us? Check out our Testimonials page to see what our customers say!

Note: Drumshhh™ pads will not negatively impact the sensitivity of properly working Rock Band drum kits. Certain early samples of the Rock Band 1 drum kit (primarily from the EL model line) have abnormally low sensitivity out of the box. The application of any covering to these drum kits may negatively impact drum performance. If your drums have very low sensitivity, we recommend you test your drum heads covered with a towel or mousepad before purchasing any type of noise-reducing or protective cover.

Do I have to assemble the pads?
No. Just peel off the backing and stick to clean drum heads (instructions are included).

Can they be removed?
Yes, they can. The adhesive is firm, but not permanent. We have applied and removed several sets of pads without any damage to the drum heads. Removal instructions are included in the package. (Note: we do not advertise our pads as being "reusable"; in our experience, once the pads are removed, they do not stick as well when re-applied.)

What colors do they come in?
Please check the home page or our eBay listings (opens new window) to see the styles we offer.

How much do they cost?
What are your shipping rates?
Please check our eBay listings (opens new window) for details on prices and shipping.

Will you ship to [country]?
Yes, we ship to most countries worldwide, with a choice of shipping options. Please visit the US Postal Service website for details on transit time to your country.

How do I clean my Drumshhh™ pads?
We recommend using a lint roller (or a piece of packing tape) to pick up dust, dirt, and drummer dandruff. We do not recommend using any type of liquid cleaners while the pads are installed.

Will Drumshhh™ pads void my Rock Band drum kit warranty?
Although Drumshhh pads are removable, we cannot make any statements or guarantees about the manufacturer's warranty terms with regard to 3rd-party products like ours. For that reason, the lawyers require us to say this: Drumshhh Accessories is not responsible for any changes to, or voiding of, the warranty of your Rock Band™ drum kit or other related peripherals arising from to the installation, use, or removal of Drumshhh™ pads. You should contact the drum kit manufacturer before installing Drumshhh pads (or any 3rd-party product), if you have concerns about warranty status.
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